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The Noahs Hotel Suzhou (Suzhou Huihao Guoji Jiudian) is located in the Suzhou High-tech Area,  a short walk from Suzhou's most vaunted attraction including Suzhou Amusement Park and Hanshan Temple.Each room features glass bathroom and Chinese style décor.The on-site restaurant is a good spot to soak up some garden views while enjoying your Southeast Asian style buffets and sumptuous Chinese and Western style buffet breakfasts.[View Detail]    

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  • M Yau
    Very good
  • eeyore grass jasmine;
    Probably as a result of road are repairing the building, traffic is not easy, it is estimated that road was built, well. Internet speed can. all in all, not bad, worthy of recommendation.
  • cindydong1117
    This position is price the hardware configuration is in place, bad service
  • luolingcn
    Services such as health and environment is good business preferred
  • aiping
    As always, good
  • DD780204
    Bed and breakfast can also be convenient
  • Davidguo12
    Hotel of location is completely didn't said, is not attention words find not to door. around dinner also is pretty convenient of select many. Although hotel seems renovation had has, but carpet also is somewhat dirty, room inside of wood floor, configuration, feel also is pretty old of. due to face big road, early in the car of voice also is pretty noisy have, noise to be strengthening. breakfast is big select pretty more of.
  • jojo784
    Hotel is very nice, comfortable, clean, and will stay at a time!
  • duaixin
    Sorry this price the hotel, rooms are a little strange taste
  • ClarissaWang
    General also is can of, traffic what of also convenient, but we staying of day total feel room has smoke taste bulk not off, breakfast is good, broadband also soon. to all attractions also also is convenient, hotel downstairs has station, family, Star BA grams, Pizza Hut. this hotel in community inside of feel, also is is quiet, not big road Shang a eye can see of that.
  • coolerplay
    Location good, five-star. facilities to I maximum of impression is contrast too big. bathroom rain partial small, key wash a bath bathroom Montreal water, wall Shang also not know is what off down a chunks, ground also has a bathing dew caps (bathing dew are has cover good, should is zhiqian of). room towards East by road, lighting very good, just so good of room conditions was design placed of neither fish nor fowl, crowded of desk only for device. glass noise effect too poor has points, road of sound flowToo clear. 3 star service is for breakfast, breakfast is very good, better than some similar hotels, services and warm smile. not recommended for rooms at the quality rooms at ~~
  • Lui321
    Hotel in district, hotel of lobby than five-star hotel so style, but other of all are caught up with five-star of standard. hotel like family type apartments, room also pretty big of. most like room of floating window, this is highlights one of; highlights of II, is hotel of breakfast, varieties many, fruit and salad on more than three a varieties, also has now squeezed of fruits and vegetables juice, coffee taste is pure. stock sufficient, no has immediately will fill Shang, eat to of are is hot of. this price
  • datou1103
    Price, breakfast is very good!
  • StevenDu
    Nice 4 star standards and pay somewhat less slippers have a refrigerator and a microwave Rod! breakfast good
  • LFIP68
    Noisy Street room. rooms Wi-Fi signal very well.
  • ArielGennie
    Was selected of is big bed room, later room full has free upgrade sets room, feel is lucky, Suite, inside facilities is full, microwave refrigerator washing machine drying machine induction cooker fume machine are has, but kitchen and bathroom also is too small has points, almost bad turned, room are is floor, feel grade No, addition due to hotel on in crossroads, night noise compared big not conducive to sleep. self breakfast also good, select pretty more of, taste also also line. to spit slot of is HotelOf parking, need will parking card in 20 minutes within handed hotel to enjoy free parking, a began Hotel fundamental didn't people reminded, only in lobby of corner in vertical has a tips brand hard let people note to, key is parking fee Super your, I first days 3 o'clock in the afternoon in, second days 9 points out, total received I 76 Yuan, because catch time no again to find hotel party, only himself upgrade room didn't earned to, hope behind drive past of friends can note, don't was pit money has.
    Just feels a bit dirty, bathroom small., breakfast was great, convenient traffic, overall.
  • duangaobo
    Good good
  • doramail
    Very good hotel, good location, big rooms, health is okay
  • e01035124
    Good location, good sanitary conditions, service
  • E00642401
    Overall for also said decent, hotel decoration should has good years has, facilities slightly some obsolete has, the to again decoration has, feel space enough is good of using, details do of bad, with Hangzhou live of hotel than up on poor some has, price no compared cheap, balcony fundamental on no actual uses, why not let indoor space variable big, even is let bathroom variable big, for customer for is more practical of, only of comfort is breakfast also is rich of!
  • boyatower
    To live here in Suzhou, location is good, easy to eat, the room can also be from the Suzhou Park as long as the starting price, hotel breakfast compared with the level of the hotel is not bad.
  • Agogonono2002
    Second stay at, well, traffic is very convenient!
  • m02823995
  • alienet
    Good OK
  • nb_emily
    Overall it is a good
  • niuwd001
    Hotel except location, others are not so good,
  • ivory_liu
    Door security guard saw me carrying a very heavy suitcase and never come out very poor impression of this, good breakfast lot is gone and no one talking to poor noise corridors have been giant clear room listening to, those people in the Northeast it's not quality, loud room is on the ground
  • e00102090
    And we think it's great
  • FangyanXu
    Is a hotel-style apartments, street, traffic was good. front desk service is average and a look of no talks.
  • e01510875
    Good hotel, has been living, good environment
  • ananjc
    All right
  • leonybestseller
    Nice, you can eat downstairs, there is flavor, might be too old
  • flyinsnowing
    Good air conditioning, not so good
  • winging
    Hotel room is very large, fully equipped, microwave, refrigerator, sort of feels like home
  • goav2001
    Prices are too high! environment bad! poor service!
  • e00143910
    Pretty good
    Location is good, room is a little taste!
  • e00088634
    Very good, a washer and dryer, refrigerator, microwave, apartment-style hotel ... breakfast is also very good, species richness, recommended
  • spayang
    4-star facilities, convenient price!
  • e00065925
    Nice, but the room is too dark
  • lssac
    Good location, not far from the Park, eating is very convenient, Pizza Hut at the entrance, the rooms are big
  • jamie0824
    Good breakfast, great location
  • tomato726
    Rooms are clean, the surrounding environment was good, hotel breakfast coupon, not a breakfast with the room card, son of 1.3-meter, hard-charging 24 breakfast fee, irrational, inexplicable, and nothing else!
  • afa128
    Cost-effective ultra-high, on surrounding tall, easy parking, hotel male guest services are in place, the way and guide for using the elevator, underground garage parking, Elevator locations to share, patient guide, great! nice breakfast!
  • yt_tam
    Rooms quite large facilities is a bit old, exceptionally good breakfast lot of kinds
  • aoxing
    Convenient service is also good. for a family holiday, next time you choose this hotel
  • joane
    Aparthotel, very high price
  • cgreat
    Room was very small, and equipment is a bit old, service also good! breakfast 9:30 is gone, do not eat, unfortunately
  • E01020964
    General need to strengthen health